Select a vinyl liner for your new in-ground pool
enhance your existing pool

Craftworks Stone Weave Tile vinyl pool liner Craftworks Hudson Tile vinyl pool liner Blue Dolphin Tile vinyl pool liner

Your inground vinyl liner sets the tone for your entire swimming pool. The colors in the liner will determine the color you see in the pool, setting the ambiance. Swim Shack Inc. will help you craft your unique backyard experience. Below you will see three liner categories: Light will give you the tranquil light blue of the Carribean Islands. Medium is like the look of the ocean front. Dark is inspired by the beauty of a lakeside retreat. What inspires you? Take a look at our photo gallery of pools to see how different the water appears in some of the pools. You can choose the edge above the water line to have the look of ceramic tile or even stone.

To choose a vinyl liner pattern for your new pool or to enhance your existing pool, call the swimming pool professionals at Swim Shack Inc. Featuring Craftworks Swimming Pool Liners, Swim Shack is an authorized dealer. Choose from vinyl pool liner pattern combinations ranging from soft pastels to opulent jewel tones. Scroll down for pattern information. Call (630) 466-4853 to see pool liner samples. Click here to find out more about the pool liner replacement process and Swim Shack's Vinyl Liner Replacement Service. The color and pattern of your liner determines the color of your pool. You can see some of the popular liners in Swim Shack pools on our Swim Shack Pool Pictures page. The colors may appear differently in the water.

Craftwork Swimming Pool Liners

Craftworks liners range from Reflective to Vivid to Alluring. See Swim Shack Inc. for liner samples and details on the 5 year non-prorated warranty.

You can see the Craftworks vinyl pool liners on the products page.

Swim Shack also offers Plastimayd vinyl pool liners.

How will your new pool liner look in the water?

You can also try Plastimayd's visualization tool - select your favorite and see how it may appear in the water when select visualize.

Plastimayd Pool Liners in 20 mil vinyl

Move you mouse over a liner to see the name

Light and Tranquil

Pacific Spray Tile Swimming Pool Liner Crown Tile Swimming Pool Liner Celtic Garden Tile Swimming Pool Liner
Santa Cruz Tile Swimming Pool Liner Sahara Gold Tile Swimming Pool Liner Gray Sonata Tile Swimming Pool Liner

Rich and Vibrant

Atlantic Tide Tile Swimming Pool Liner Monaco Tile Swimming Pool Liner Hampton Tile Swimming Pool Liner
Acapulco Tile Swimming Pool Liner Devonshire Tile Swimming Pool Liner Augusta Tile Swimming Pool Liner
Princeton Tile Swimming Pool Liner Atlantis Dawn Swimming Pool Liner

Deep and Dramatic Series

Sapphire Swimming Pool Liner Oceans Adrift Tile Swimming Pool Liner Crossroads Tile Swimming Pool Liner
Williamsport Tile Swimming Pool Liner Lancashire Tile Swimming Pool Liner Midnight Swimming Pool Liner

Choose from standard or premium 20 mil Plastimayd vinyl pool liners to update you swimming pool. See all nineteen pool liners.

Swim Shack Inc. offers Craftworks vinyl swimming pool liners. Craftworks offers a 5 year non-prorated warranty. Talk to Swim Shack Inc., your authorized Craftworks dealer for more details on the warranty including a 25 year pro-rated warranty covering defects in material or manufacturing.

You can see some of the popular liners in Swim Shack pools, in our pool picture photo gallery. You can also see more liners in the water on our pages showing pool water features and pool stair entries.

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