Choose a Color for Your Automatic Pool Cover

Select your automatic pool cover from 8 standard colors.

Beige Pool Cover Light-Gray Pool Cover Charcoal Gray Pool Cover brown Pool Cover
Light Blue Pool Cover Navy blue Pool Cover Royal Blue Pool Cover Green Pool Cover
Move your mouse over the color you prefer to see the name.

Automatic Pool Cover in Beige with hidden track Benefits of covering your pool You already know you need to cover your swimming pool in the winter. What about in the summer? Think about your pool cover as a horizontal fence protecting your children, and keeping pets or uninvited visitors out of the pool. Your automatic pool cover will also kept the heat in and debris out. more on pool cover benefits

* Colors may vary. See Swim Shack Inc. for a color sample and more information on an electric pool cover for you custom swimming pool. Stop in or give us a Call (630) 466-4853.