Building a Swim Shack Inc. vinyl pool

Building Your Custom Swimming Pool

Turn-key Construction from Design to Filling You New Swimming Pool.

Through the magic of time lapse video you can watch an entire Swim Shack Inc. custom in ground swimming pool being built, start to finish in just 2 minutes. This video may answer some of your questions about turning your dream swimming pool into reality. Swim Shack Inc. is a trusted pool builder helping families like yours for more than 40 years.
To learn more about your starting your own custom inground pool call the swimming pool professionals at Swim Shack (630) 466-4853

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excavating pool
Excavating Pool
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setting pool steel
Setting Pool Steel
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pouring bond beam
Pouring Bond Beam
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Preparing Pool Bottom
Preparing Bottom
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setting vinyl pool liner
setting vinyl pool liner
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filling pool with water
filling pool with water
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backfilling around pool
backfilling around pool
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setting form for pool deck
setting form for pool deck
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pool patio poured
pool patio poured
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finished pool
Finished pool
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finished pool with fence
finished pool with fence

Many people are curious about the process Swim Shack Inc. uses to build their pool. The slides above give you a brief overview of the process involved in building your inground swimming pool, beginning with the excavation phase - digging the pool. Our materials and building process give us great flexibility to build the custom swimming pool you desire. Pool design possibilities are endless, including entry stairs, water features, water slides, special lighting and more. As swimming pool professionals, we are experts at helping you through the design and build process.

See Your Pool in 3D During Design

Using advanced 3D software Swim Shack Inc. can show you what your pool will look like before you commit. Call Swim Shack to learn about this extra cost service. See 3D videos of pools

You might like to see the finished pools on our swimming pool photo gallery page.

For more detailed information on specifications and to discuss a custom inground swimming pool for your back yard, call the swimming pool professionals at Swim Shack (630) 466-4853.

Swimming Pool Building Permits

Most northern Illinois communities where Swim Shack builds in ground pools require a building permit prior to building your pool. These documents usually tell you about fence and gate requirements and other important details in meeting the local code for building inground swimming pools. Here are links to some of the online resources in our area. Pool Building Permits
Association of Pool and Spa Professionals

Swim Shack Inc. is a member of The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals.

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