What Swim Shack Inc. Customers Say

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The Calos
We have been long time customers of Swim Shack. 14 years to be exact. Not only were we impressed with the pool install, but continue to value their services over the years.

Their willingness to bend over backwards and work with us each season is why we have built such a great business relationship with Jim, Josh and Dennis, and keeps us coming back.

We have had so many years of family fun and fond memories - had we waited on the pool we would have missed so much. We cannit wait each year for "open pool season". We love to entertain and the pool definitely lends itself to lots of company - Enjoy !!

Nick and Maureen Calo

Maria Spaeth
When we considered putting a pool into our yard, we realized it was a big investment. We spent a great deal of time investigating the various types of pools available in our area. Once we determined what type of pool we wanted, we began to investigate companies that provided liner, steel walled pools. We met with 7 companies from as far as Burr Ridge to right here in Sugar Grove. Basically the estimates were similar. What stood apart was the individuals that met with us. We met with Josh on several occasions before we made the final decision. Josh was honest, forth coming with information and made no promises he did not keep.

We are now entering into our third summer season with our pool and we just love it! We swim from April to the end of September. It is the house to be at - all the neighborhood kids come and enjoy the days splashing and playing together. I always know where the teenagers are because I can hear them in my own backyard. I was always worried that we would not use the pool or it would be difficult to maintain and let me reassure you - it is so easy, so simple. You simply test the water, add whatever it tells you to add, and you are done. No waiting, no green water, no frustration.

This pool has brought our family together - we love the nights swimming together, sliding down the slide and just enjoying being together. Best investment we made in our family.

Maria Spaeth

The Spurgeons
I’ve always wanted a pool in my backyard so when we built our new house, we shopped around and chose Swim Shack to put in our pool. We’ve been thrilled ever since! My husband wasn’t so sure that we would use it much but we use it all the time! Mowing on a hot, summer day isn’t bad any more when you can hop in a refreshing pool he’s found out!!

Family get-togethers and parties are so much more fun now when everyone can jump in and enjoy the pool. Even when it’s 90 degrees outside and sweltering, just sitting by the pool seems 10 degrees cooler! The calming effect of a pool after a long day’s work is worth every penny!

Terry and Cindy Spurgeon

When my husband and I shop out a large purchase, we always find the best buy for the buck. In our opinion, Swim Shack provides the best pool, products and service for the lowest price. They came highly recommended, and we have been very satisfied customers for the past 14 years.

Thank you Swim Shack, You're the Best!!!


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