Swim shack Inc. Pool Care Glossary of Terms

Caring for your swimming pool is easier when you understand the terms commonly used in managing your pool water. Swim Shack Inc.'s pool professionals can help you understand the basics of pool maintenance. We can recommend the right pool chemicals to keep your job simple. Call Swim Shack at (630) 466-4853.


Algae are microscopic plants growing in and around water.


Pool water treatment products which control or prevent the growth of algae.


Bacteria are microscopic organisms. Some types of bacteria are harmful to swimmers.

Balanced Water

Pool water with the proper ratio of pH and mineral content that keeps water from being corrosive or creating scale.


Bromine is a halogen element used as a pool water sanitizer.

Calcium Hardness

Calcium Hardness or (CH) is the amount of calcium dissolved in your swimming pool. The range is generally 175 to 275ppm.


Chlorine is a halogen element. Chlorine is commonly used as a pool water sanitizer.


A chlorinator is a device to dispense chlorine into pool water at a controlled rate.


The pH is the scale used to measure the acidity or alkalinity or pool water. Swimming Pools ideally will have a pH of 7.4 to 7.6


ppm is Parts Per Million. Chemical concentration is measured in parts per million


Reagents used to test pool water come in many forms including: tablets, liquids and powders.


Scale is a coarse calcium deposit forming on swimming pool walls, floors or in the plumbing system.


Skimmers are installed at water level to collect floating debris. Skimmer baskets are used to conveniently remove the debris.

Shock Treatment

Shocking a pool is adding an oxidizing compound to chemically oxidize, break up, contaminants like cosmetics, perspiration, suntan oils and chloramines.